Goodbye, Blue Sky

It was quiet.

Some would say “too quiet”, but she didn’t go in for that kind of cliche.

A gentle breeze caressed her body and annoyingly pushed her hair into her eyes. The sun was out. Warm.

Here in this open field, far from the cacophony of TV newscasts and raid sirens, things were peaceful. And that’s how she wanted it. Nothing to do about it now except enjoy what time was left. She laid back on the thick grass and put her hands behind her head so she would watch the clouds. A bit of grass poked through her blouse and itched her back.


The jets screamed overhead at near supersonic speed, headed toward the city. They left little ripples and plumes in the clouds as they plowed through. She sat up on her elbows and cocked her head to the side. Far far away she could barely make out the skyline, if she squinted hard enough.

If you didn’t think about the absolute devastation they bring, then the mushroom clouds are actually quite beautiful, in a way.

Goodbye, Blue Sky.

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