Shameful End

He visited her only at night, under the cover of darkness. Their meetings had to be kept secret. But that task was getting harder with each passing night. They were consumed with lust for each other and several times had almost been caught stealing sidelong glances. Tonight had to be the last time.
He came to her shortly after the clock struck one. His erection long, hard, and throbbing for relief. He laid it in her hand, waking her with a jolt. Immediately, she began to stroke him, moans escaping both of their lips. When she couldn’t wait any longer, she mounted him like a dog in heat.
Stifling their noises of pleasure, they both peaked at the same time. Euphoria rushed to their steaming bodies. Rolling off him, she sighed, “You always know just how to touch me, my dearest brother.”
Smacked back into their shame, he realized he had to end this. Once and for all.
He reached for her neck, pinning her to the bed. She struggled for a few seconds, then let him have his way. Again.

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