Becoming Sophia (56)

“Maybe what?” I prompted quietly when he didn’t continue. He looked into my eyes, as if seeing me truly for the first time before a foreign sadness overcame his expression.

“Maybe you would want to…stay,” He finished softly, “but that is a young man’s dream. Realistically, you are better off with the prince. You would be a fool not to try and pursue such a match. I’m sorry for my outburst.” Jared turned to go and I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back. He didn’t move, but I did accidentally stumble into him. Our bodies met, suddenly very close—closer than I had ever been to a grown man—and I became very aware of how firm and warm his body was and how it fit against mine.

“Maybe I am a fool,” I said smoothly, hoping that my voice wasn’t shaking as much as my hands were with my nervousness. Jared looked at my eyes, weighing my words and I stopped breathing as his gaze wandered down to my lips. “Maybe, I don’t want a prince. Maybe, I prefer tall, tanned, simple farm boys to royalty.”

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