Becoming Sophia (58)

I inhaled deeply, his musk ensnaring my senses so that my eyelids fluttered closed. Our bodies were pressed together hotly and, even under the pressure from my corsets, I felt my nipples harden with arousal.

“Damn it to hell,” I heard Jared mutter before I felt his mouth crash against my own. His lips ignited fire in me and I gasped into the kiss, my hands coming up to thread my fingers through his hair. A strangled moan from Jared reached my ears and made me ache for more. The sound went straight to my core, which had never seemed to hunger so before, but now roared for more of Jared’s perfect lips.

I kissed him, delirious with feeling as his large hands pulled me ever closer to his hard frame. His tongue glossed over my bottom lip and I moaned suddenly allowing him entrance to my mouth. Suddenly there was only Jared. I was not conscious of anything but what he was making me feel as he flicked his tongue against mine. I clung desperately to him, burning in rapture.

And then the twins walked into the room.

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