Daddy's Little Girl (incest challenge)

“I’ll be home late tonight, so take out something now so it has time to defrost for dinner. You’ll have to cook,” my mom explains over the phone. She is a school teacher and tonight, apparently, she has some student to tutor. She won’t be home until 10, maybe 11 tonight. I don’t mind.

“Okay, Mom. See you later.” She says goodbye and I hang up, smiling my ass off.

“What did she say?” Daddy asks, coming into the kitchen. I hoist myself up onto the smooth counter top, allowing my knees to slide dangerously apart.

“Won’t be home until really late. She has some kids to tutor,” I inform him, my voice uninterested. My miniskirt is riding up my thighs and I’m not wearing underwear. I’m waiting for him to touch me first, to remind me that it’s real and that the love we share-natural or not-is actually there.

“Oh really?” His voice is husky and I close my eyes as his fingers graze the skin of my thigh. “What good news.” He kisses me then, hot and demanding.

My daddy fucks me on the kitchen counter.

And I like it.

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