Funeral Speech

Engill Firedancer. Leader, fighter, mage, and, above all, hero.

I met him after graduating from academy. He personally asked me to join his unit, and I agreed. The world then already was on the verge of war. When the war broke out, our unit was the first one to break enemy lines. Engill then suggested forming a special unit. But you already know that, for you are here in this unit, fighting for Yterbia.

I remember, back when the war started, just after the formation of our unit, we camped near Rhemos. It was the night before our first battle. I was selected to guard the camp. That night he came to keep the watch with me, said he couldn’t get to sleep. When I said to him, that I was nervous about the war, he said “I am, too. Everyone in this camp is. But this war is the only way to go. The only way to unite the world.”

Some may say that he died trying to conquer, but they are wrong. He died fighting intolerance and war that we face now. And so i give Engill Firedancer’s body to the flames.

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