Obsession: Revealed (2)

No no no! He’s not, he can’t be.. unless he’s—

“Gay.” I accidently say aloud. Jared shoots me a ‘what-are-you-on’ look. “Um, are you?”

“NO! What the hell, Gabe!” he sounds disgusted that I would even ask. I don’t ask this time, trying not to break the silence I tried so hard to keep. But I don’t break it… Jueli does.

“Why hello!”

“Wait, how are you—” Jared asked.

“Changed my Saturday school to today. But I sneaked here, couldn’t help but see you guys.” She winks at me. I seem to be the only one happy to have someone besides Jared and I in the room, but then again Jared is a bit crazy. He seems annoyed having someone stealing my attention, even if I wasn’t talking to him.

It wasn’t till 12:30 that I notice Jared is missing. We still have another hour here. I keep talking to Jueli until the principal breaks open the door. It was locked?

“Jueli! You are NOT supposed to be here!” He points to the door and gives her another detention.

Either Jared hates Jueli or he really is obsessed!

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