Becoming Sophia (61)

Jared and Timothy were engaged in a fierce staring match, neither one willing to back down. Jared was glaring daggers at his brother who managed only to smirk. “You will not tell anyone of this,” Jared commanded in a low voice that would have reduced me to a puddle of obedience had I been in Tim’s place. Michael seemed to be with me on that point as he looked hesitant to provoke Jared further.

“Or won’t I?” Tim challenged. Jared winced and Timothy laughed, shaking his head finally. “No, you’re right, I won’t. You just better not be doing this anymore with the bloody door open. I mean… I guess if I were in your position, I wouldn’t be able to help myself either,” Tim admitted, to my surprise.

“Yeah,” Michael contributed, “Marina is quite the catch. Nicely shaped and a charming…wit” Michael finished, though it seemed my wit was the last thing about me he was really admiring.

“Stop” Jared told them forcefully, returning to my side protectively. It was comforting to have him do so; it made me feel special.

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