Becoming Sophia (62)

“So, Marina, how’s our older brother? Do we have something to be proud of finally?” I knew they were teasing him, but it was becoming quite annoying! Besides helping the farmhands every day in the morning and learning the business of how to run the estate so as to take his father’s place someday, Jared was the most responsible and upstanding of his brothers.

“I should say that you have something to envy,” I responded coolly. “Your brother knows women better than your clumsy hands will know your wives after years of marriage.”

“I resent that!” Michael said, making Jared chuckle.

“Yeah! Our hands are not clumsy!” Tim added proudly. Jared and I laughed at him, making the twins stick up their noses, turn on their heels and walk out of the room, mock affronted. They were kind enough, however, to remember to close the doors behind them. Grinning, I turned to Jared in the dull lamplight.

“It’s getting late,” I said dubiously.

“So kiss me goodnight,” he replied cleverly and I was all too happy to oblige him.

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