The Big World

Most things are big when you’re four. But sharks… They’re terrifying.

I stood in the glass tunnel that burrowed sharply through the electronically heated aquarium. It was sooo big and so dark. I stood right up close to the plastic-glass. So close that my breath fogged the bluey swirl of emptiness.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a massive, grey shark flew through the water. It came straight to the opposite side of the tunnel. I thought it was going to hit the glass. Then it swerved underneath and popped up in front of me like it was playing some kind of game.

I screamed. And ran. My little legs were aching by the time I reached Mommy but she held me close and I could sense genuine sympathy through her chuckles. So we went to see something less big. We went through the tropical tanks and watched the fish like birds in a tropical prison, tender tails and feathery fins spread and shining in electronic sunlight.

They flew like jewels of the water world through processed water – eating chemicals.
Such a world!

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