Here's to you: 2010

A new decade. A new era. A time for fresh lights to leap on the stage that is this world and shed their glory upon the more humble audience.

I wish them all the best.

The last few months have brought snow and silence.

The year has been:
- a turning point: Barack Obama in the White house.
- a tearful time: Michael Jackson and Jade Goody’s deaths.
-a tragic time: Terrible news of war and more soldiers dying for their countries.
-a triumphant time: Glories of the past, present and future realised.

To communicate my feelings of emotion on leaving this beautiful year is hard. I want to remember it and to cherish this moment as we think of everything that has happened.

To reflect.

This year brought me as much hope and beauty as any other has and yet I cling to it…unwilling for it to leave.

For me there is only 2 and a quarter hours left until it is the New Year.


A new year.
A new decade.

To everyone who reads this, any time, any place…
I hope you have a wonderful year…I love you all.

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