“Boundaries are arbitrary. Why do different roads have the same speed limit? Or, a road with a particular limit – you know you should vary the speed according to conditions. Yes, there are boundaries, but they’re of convenience as much as absolute moral value. If we’re careful, we can break this barrier safely and enjoy the ride. You know you want to. Please.” It was so cold, so manipulative, and for that alone he hated himself. But as he kneeled there, the pulse of his erection pounding in his head, looking down at her open legs, he knew that though he still needed her right there and then, he also needed her consent. Some barriers he could cross; some he couldn’t.

“Okay.” She knew he was right, about this wrong. She took the condom from his fingers and, controlling her breathing and her trembling she rolled it down, feeling the heat in him, wanting it in her. She knew at this moment there was an awakening in her that would free her mind far beyond this single act. But for now, this would be enough.

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