2009 In Review and Gratitude

I was happy to see 09 roll in. 08 was a terrible year. I remember thinking 09 HAD to be better.
At the beginning of the year I took a great job, a sort of apprenticeship, where I could stretch my wings and prove myself. I am thankful for people who took a chance on me and hopeful that it pays off in 2010.
Before ficly came online, I asked a few peers to review a piece I was thinking about submitting and I sent it off on a prayer.
I had a restful, carefully budgeted summer, living paycheck to paycheck and exploring my hobbies. Ficly was the height of my life again, allowing me to meet new people, develop my writing, and share my thoughts.
I had a rocky Fall, not finding work where I thought it would be, chasing paper trails, and helping friends deal with life. The thing about tough times, though, they make your faith grow.
Winter brought some great news; my piece was published, and the paper trails resulted in a new house.
While it looks like 2010 might have a rocky start, I am thankful for my generous family.

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