Burnt Metal

It is always difficult to remember those first days. No one is still quite sure what happens. Hell, you were there right as it happened, and yet despite all of that first-hand experience, you’re still not totally sure what happened.

The one thing that you remember for certain is the heat. Even years since, it happened, you can still feel the heat on your body. It wasn’t so much a burn as it was an extreme heat. That much you can be sure about.

Then, every so often, you can smell the burning metal. Metal gives off this distinct smell. You remember it from working in the factory. It is so much different when you can smell an entire city of it, though.

It wasn’t nuclear, that much you’re sure of. No traces of radiation poisoning from anyone who survived. It was something, though, even if now those days only exists as a memory. Things were so much simpler then. Even during those first days of sheer and utter chaos, when no one knew what was happening. Ignorance can be such bliss, though.

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