A Timejumper Lands

Harlan shook his head frantically in an attempt to lift the haze that clouded his mind. The first few seconds following a timejump were always the worst. The brain was encased in a pretty nasty temporal fog that took a while to clamber out of. Usually only one or two senses actually functioned, the rest came back in time. But Harlan could never be sure which senses he could rely on after any jump.

He immediately set to taking stock of his surroundings. No vision. Either that or he jumped into a closet. The next thing he noticed was that his hands were cold. He pulled them up and gripped something in his fingers. Snow. He was outside, and it was snowing. At least he had that much.

He also apparently had his hearing. Somewhere in the distance behind him was the sound of dogs barking, and faint yelling in another language. German. He didn’t need any further proof. He was in occupied Germany during World War II, just as he had intended. Now, he just needed to find his great-grandfather. There wasn’t much time.

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