Who Will He Choose?

“We will let him pick who he loves most. But whoever he doesn’t pick, must not continue to go after him. OK?” Sae said.
“OK,” Inu replied.
But how could he pick who he loved the most right on the spot? Who should he choose? Sae the loving and caring angel? Or Inu the wild and fun demon? They were both perfect for him. They both went well with his personality, and they just fit him.
He looked at Sae then at Inu. Both so beautiful. Sae had bright long golden blond hair, and twinkling blue eyes. And Inu had short black hair, and brilliant green eyes. Both were tall and skinny. They both had a heart melting smile on their faces.
He couldn’t decide. He couldn’t. Not between these wonderful women. But he had to pick. He couldn’t have them both. He could only have one of these beautiful women. He closed his eyes, and tilted his head down. Who would he choose?
“It’s time to choose,” Sae said softly.
“Yes. Tell us. Who do you love most?” Inu asked.

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