Humility for Elshir

“Elshir the Great Ranger, huh…more like Elshir the great big FAILURE!”

Elshir’s shout of self-pitying anger rang through the forest, startling some birds, a deer and some other less interesting woodland critters.

He didn’t care that he has likely just scared off any hopes of a nice dinner. His failings left Elshir in a deep state of annoyance and despair.

“Is this some kind of sign? Huh? Is this life of nature and simplicity not fated for me?” Elshir questioned whatever forces ruled this world.

To him, it’s not that he failed that was so terrible – even Elshir the Great Ranger has been known to miss a target now and then, or have to double back on a trail that had gone faint.

In all his years of training and use of his skills, Elshir has never been dealt such a blow to his ego as he has today.

Still grumbling and cursing to himself, Elshir found some dried leaves with which to wipe the bear poop off of his leather sandals.

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