Day 1: Wuthering Heights By Emily Brontë

January 1st

Robin picked it.

“It’s a classic!” he said looking at me with those chocolate brown eyes and smiling down at me from the top shelf of the library.

“Fine just give me it I only have a day to read it,” I said catching the book from him as he threw it to me.

“You’ll like it trust me, and the character has the same name as you!” he said jumping down and landing next to me.

“You’ve read it?” I questioned.

“Yeah…I…it was an English assignment.” he muttered.

“We have had English together since the first grade and unless this was assigned in kindergarten I know for a fact you didn’t have to read it,” I replied.

“Well…I…oh look I have to go to soccer practice, I’ll catch up with you later okay?” he said running out the door.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, everyone loves a good love story, especially if you’re a girl.” I yelled jokingly.

“Shut up Katherine,” he smiled back at me before leaving.

Little did I know this book was anything but a perfect romance…

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