Meant To Be

“Oh my God… is that…?”

My best friend walked up to the guywe both knew and called a name we’d all long forgotten. He looked up and I turned away. She said hi to him; he smiled. Then he saw me and his body froze. “Is that…” He asked.

No one said any thing. Slowly he walked over to me. I could feel him approaching. When he was close enough, he touched my shoulder with his hand. I turned my head away from his touch. Without removing his hand, we walked around in front of me. He gently placed his fingers on my chin and I squeezed my eyes closed.

I felt him take half a step closer to me. He tilted my chin up. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t open my eyes. And then his lips met mine. All the years of seperation melted away. Our souls knew we were meant to be together and they were finally together again, never to be lonely another day in their lives.

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