“Look at her.” the preps all said pointing and whispering in hushed tones.
“Well she always has dressed differently” Whispers from people I never even talked to said as I walked the long hallway to my locker. My best friends ever were waiting at my locker.

“Sup?” Aiden said to me as he got into my locker and grabbed out a cigarette. Amy-lee glared at him and hugged me, “now aren’t we a cute tree.” She joked. I smiled as I grabbed my law books. “I hate this class.” I growled as we walked into the Law classroom, Aiden and Amy-lee sat behind me.

Mr. Anderson walked into the classroom and the class fell into silence. “We will be sueing people today. Ms. Sophia would you and Mr. Jacob come to the front of the class.” Tylor Jacob was one of the preppiest and rudest guys in our grade. He turned, glared at me and stood as far away as possible.

“Ms. Sophia you will be the victim. Mr. Jacob you are her ex husband and you are being sued for steaing money from her while you were married.” I blushed with embarrassment.

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