Beside You in Time

Disorientation, blinding pain, confusion and finally clarity. The feel of cold glass against his head and warm tears on cheeks. Alex slowly opened his eyes, blinking to gain focus. It worked, good.

Deep breath, his younger body felt good… at least until the first tinges of a massive hangover took hold. “Eh, New Years Eve,” slipped from parched lips, mouth dry as cotton. He felt like hell but, this body was young and could take the abuse.

How strange, after all those years, to see this face in the mirror again. No time for that, he could explore it later. If he was going to change events, he needed to act, and act fast.

You in here? Alex thought.

“Of course,” the AI quipped dryly, “what else would you expect?”

Great, overlay, with that an augmented reality display flooded his visual field. Looks like I’ve got time for a shower and shave… find her.

“Scanning. Access is limited, the micro machines are still forming. Anything else?”

Yes. Aspirin for this head…

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