A Captive Audience

There he stood again, staring at the mostly barren storefront with a splash of red along the floor. The snoring woman sat in the corner of the room, unmoving yet again. No matter how often she blacked out, eventually she woke again and started gasping for air and crying out when she saw him. He knew this was the only meal in town. How could one get inside?

A flicker of an idea popped into his rotting mind as his hands rose against the glass, nearly useless they only made a thud as the pane shuddered slightly, and he dropped them back to his side. He knew his attempt was pointless as the woman awoke and began shouting expletives.

He leaned against the glass and began gnawing at her image, wanting nothing more than to taste her flesh. Suddenly…Umm…He was shot in the head, or something.

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