A Stitch in Nine Saves Time

Lights strobed red and klaxons wailed as Jeff ran down the corridor to the Directors office. HALO had sensed the first waves of an incoming temporal storm. A paradox was forming, and from the looks of it, this one was going to be major.

“Report,” the Director snarled, then over her shoulder to an assistant, “and shut off those damn sirens!”

“There’s been an…” Jeff said struggling to catch his breath, “infraction.”

“What type of infraction? Where?”

“Unit Nine, Dr. Paxton’s lab.”

“Paxton, eh? Where the hell is he?” she snarled. Damn you Alex, why am I not surprised?

“Dead. Looks like he performed some sort of temporal transmission, synaptic transfer.”

“Oh excellent! And, Dr. Copland, please prep Unit Nine… it looks like I’m going on a little trip.” So I’m still cleaning up for you Alex, after all these years.

“But Ma’am…” She threw up a hand to cut Jeff off before he could finish.

“I know what he’s up to. The only chance we have is if I go back to stop him.” F’ing great, just f’ing great.

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