Keen Sensation

He just kept walking, although he had just heard her calling out for him.

Why can’t people just leave me alone?!

“Stop being so self absorbed, I’m only trying to help you” Brooke said as she stood among the others who were laughing and whispering among themselves.

Trying to help me? Is this what she calls “help”- Humiliation?

“Just leave him alone, you’ve hurt him enough, Brooke” Amanda said as she grabbed her bag from the lunch table by Brooke and walked away.

“Hey! Wait up!” Amanda said. He refused to stop. He recognized Amanda’s voice but he knew that if he had stopped he would have told her everything.

I Can’t, I’m sorry! “Hey I said wait up!” Amanda repeated.

He slowed down just enough for her to catch up. “What’s wrong?” She asked. He began to walk away again. She held his arm tight. He couldn’t help himself, he caressed her hair, and before either of them had realized what was going on, they were mid-Kiss. He quickly broke away from the kiss.“I’m sorry”

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