Cain and Abel [incest challenge]

“Cain!” his name tumbles from my lips as I move against his body, asking for pleasure I know only he can give me. No one can love me like he can.

“Oh, fuck, Abel!” His voice quavers, hanging in the air between us, above the melody of our pounding hearts and thrusting hips. Sweaty skin slides against hot, moist lips as Cain’s mouth reaches to find my nipple. He knows just how I like it. He nibbles lightly on the pink flesh and I tug on fistfuls of his hair. I wrap my legs around him, to bring him deeper—there’s nothing closer to me than he is. We know it’s wrong, but it feels so right. My pulse says so; the way our bodies respond to each other as if they were made in tune. We were cut from the same tree of life, doesn’t that make us perfect for each other?

“Fuck me harder, Cain!” I whimper, unable to hold onto anything but him. Cain pushes into me brutally so I know how much he loves me. He slams us both over the edge into waves of rapture.

Only he can sate me. No one can love you like your brother can.

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