Thievery and Kidnapping!

Nyci was still in shock. Joshua was dead. The Denar knew their weakness. Juno had disappeared and Therys could not be found. Her heart was stone cold and sickness was rising.

How would she tell the Denar that their ward had been killed by the very thing that kept the gardens alive?

She was walking towards the Duchess’ chambers, trying to make the journey as long as she could with frequent stops to stare around in search of Juno or Therys…anyone.

When she finally reached the door she knocked respectfully. The strong oak met her knuckles with a loud, empty rap.

The Duchess herself opened it and must have read the news in Nyci’s expression for she fell to her knees, swallowed in her maternal grief.

“I am sorry for your loss.” Nyci said, emotionless, “You may have all the herbs you need to compensate.”

Nyci wasn’t aware of the footsteps behind her until a bag landed over her head and blackness stole over her. The last thing she heard were the poisonous words of a Denar whispered in her ear:

“Gorm is dead.”

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