Hopes and Dreams Can Seem So Real

I look up and a smile creeps across my face. I look into the face of my angel. He bends down and scoops me up in his arms. A giggle bubbles out of my lips. He swings me around in a circle and then presses his soft lips against mine. I rest my head against his shoulder, letting my whole body relax.

“I’ve missed you, my dear.” He says in his dreamy British accent.

“My heart has ached for you since the day you left.” I whisper into his body.

In response to my statement, he squeezed me closer into him. His body heat is comforting, thawing out the icy chill that had settled over my body when the door closed behind him the day he left to fight in the war. I let the coldness go as I bathe in the feeling of another body pressed to mine.

I blinked and looked away from the window I had been staring out of. I looked around the barron room that once was filled with laughter. As I stood, my black dress swayed around me. I pulled the black netted veil over my face and I went out to the car that was waiting for me.

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