Day 2: The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck (continued)

I looked at the clock.


I was supposed to be meeting Laura around noon. I started running….

“Hey, there you are, how does this dress look on me?” Laura asked before I got my foot in the door.

She knew very well how that dress looked on her, and I’m sure if I wasn’t there at least one of the ten boys staring at her would gladly give their opinions.

“Beautiful as always,” I said slumping into the chair next to her dressing room, I would be lucky if I got out of that store by day break.

Thank God Wang Lung wasn’t around to see Laura, Lotus would have never stood a chance….

“So have you talked to Robin lately,” she asked, winking at me.

“Yeah yesterday.” I replied, confused.

“Oh? So are you two dating yet?” she called to me from the dressing room.

I should have known this was where the conversation was going.

“We’re just friends,” I said.

“Oh, sure.” She said giving me one of those looks.

“Well we are!” I said defensively.

And that’s all we were.


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