After that weekend I came into school feeling pretty good. Including Sarah, my girlfriend, I banged three other girls.

And it felt good.

Of course, though, they all had to talk about it, I thought as Sarah came storming up to me, platinum blonde hair looking like it could catch fire from her anger, “Mike! What have you done?!?!”

“What do you mean honey?”

“I’m talking about what I’m hearing. You know, from Josie.”

I rolled my eyes, “How many times have I told you, Sarah,” and I have told her multiple times, obviously, “They’re all just jealous of what you have. They wished they had it. But they don’t know, do they?”

“Well I don’t-”

“Oh Sarah, babe. You need to relax. How about you come over after school and I’ll give you a back massage. And you know what else?” I leaned towards her, brushed the hair away from her neck, and breathed into her ear, “My parents aren’t going to be home after school today either. Perhaps more can be massaged.”

I could almost see the hair on her neck rise with excitement.

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