“Not tonight,” Jake said to his cell, buzzing on his desk. He reached over and tapped the ignore button.

He returned his attention to his computer where he was just logging onto his favorite website. A forum where architectural engineers and enthusiasts share and discuss their unique urban structural finds. Earlier in the day, Jake had posted what he thought to be a fairly interesting set of photographs he took of an abandoned warehouse on the east side of the city. The building had an eclectic post-modern style, and Jake hoped others would share in his curiosity.

And share they did. His thread was up to over 200 replies in just a few hours. This was unheard of in Jake’s experience. A sense of dread washed over him as he read through the thread, seeing message after message warning Jake to take down the photos before it was too late. One post in particular enlarged a photo he had taken, outlining where the dead body was. Another showed a man with a gun in his hand.

Jake jumped as his cell buzzed again.

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