Keen Sensation (3)

He ignores them. As he reaches the front of the class, his teacher takes her grade book out.

“Mr. Russo, Where shall we begin?”

“Wherever, but can we make this fast, I have class now”

“Well, Take a look, Mr. Russo, These were your grades, All 90’s and above. Now look at these past two weeks’ grades, All 60’s and below. What’s going on with you? Are you having issues at home? Do you need help?”
She said as she closed the book and put it away in one of the desk drawers.

“Just because a few of my grades have slipped doesn’t mean I need anyone’s help. Thanks for your concern, can I go now?” He said.

She signaled with her hand as if giving him permission to leave. He picks his bag off the floor and walks out of the classroom. She sighs “There’s no use!”

9th period-Gym

“Haha if it isn’t know-it-all-Russo after getting a long talk from his favorite person in the world, Mrs. Peters. How was that young Russo?” Eric said, teasing him.

“Can you shut the fuck up and leave me alone?”

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