Keen Sensation (4)

“Oh someone’s a little pissed off today, huh?” Eric said, being his usual obnoxious self.

“Look, I’m sorry dude, it’s just I’m in a really bad mood . . .this whole week” The guys start to laugh and so he fakes a smile.

“It’s alright, man. I was just playin’ around you know that right?”

“Yeah yeah I know, like I said, I’m sorry for getting all estrogeny on you!”
The guys all started to laugh again. He was always good at covering everything up with his sense of humor

“It’s okay, we all have those days, or in your case . . .weeks haha” Eric said patting him on the shoulder

“Up for a two on two?” One of Eric’s friends asked him.

“Yeah yeah sure why not”
He grabbed a basketball from the rack.

“Check it?” He asked, throwing it to Eric Eric checks it back to him

After school
He came out with Eric “Yeah man, that really was an intense game- Oh hey Amanda!” Eric exclaimed “Hey Eric, what’s up? how was gym and all that?”

“Good good” Both of them carry on a conversation as if he wasn’t there.

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