Keen Sensation (5)

“Alright dude, I’m out, I gotta get home.” He said, completely ignoring Amanda.

“Are you sure, ‘cause a bunch of us were about to go out and get some pizza, and then we’re heading down to the passage ” Eric said, persuasively.

“You guys are going to the passage? Tonight?” He said, with a look of suspicion on his face.

The Passage is this place on the beach that has a reputation for being the “make-out” spot.
He can’t take Amanda down there. Not without me.

“Yeah you wanna come?” Amanda asked, uninterested in his answer.

“Uh no, I don’t think so. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe”
Wow , I sound like a complete Idiot right now.

“If I come, I’ll meet up with you guys at the passge, I’ll skip the pizza” He said, followed by a nod from both Amanda and Eric.

Later that day- The passage

“Wow, Can’t a girl find a spot to sit around here?” Amanda said, referring to the numerous teenagers hogging all the chairs that are set up.
“There’s one right here” Eric said, referring to his lap.

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