Maybe a Ray of Hope?

There is silence over the phone. Sobs ripp through what is left of her shattered heart. Her heart beats slowly and with great difficulty, each pounding threatenng to be her last. She can’t find the muscles she needs to bring air into her lungs. Her body is on the verge of dying from lack of oxygen or lack of water.

She hears a sound on the other end of the line and she gasps the air her body needed to continue living. There is another pause, but this one is not as long and therefore causes her less pain.

He only utters four words to her, but they are enough to keep her living a few more weeks. Her tears stop flowing as she takes a steady breath. Her heart rate returns to a more natural speed and then by passes it into a giddy flutter. A small ray of hope has returned to her world as everything she knows crashes around her, encasing her in despair.

It only took four words to break through the destruction surrounding her. I’m coming to you.

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