The First Sunrise

The Sun rose behind the Earth. Mark, as the satellite called itself in its primitive brain, quickly took a picture of it and quietly sent it down to Earth. It then turned its camera to Earth and started its work.

Mark was the first satellite with “advanced” artificial intelligence. And even though its brain was very primitive compared to human brain, it could think enough to do its job: photograph the Earth and provide people with meteorological data.

Mark snapped another photo, this time of a cyclone, moving slowly over Europe. It was a beautiful picture, and Mark noticed that. Here came another picture, then one more. Ten minutes later Mark already liked its job. After all, all it had to do was take pictures and send them down to Earth.

Mark turned its camera to take another picture, but accidentally turned too far and noticed the Sun again. However, it seemed a bit brighter than before. Mark took its final picture, but couldn’t find strength to send it to Earth. It was already dead.

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