Mission Log Day 2

The sentry awakes me with a chirp

Its dying message to the world

Before it recharges, to scout again

I wake up and, after a processed meal

Go out into the darkness

It is then that I hear

The ever-smallest noise

A meow

Instantly I am on my guard

Bogeys make such sounds of animals long extinct

to lure innocents

Out of an airlock of this Planetship

Named Gaea Post

The home to your parents and to mine

And back before remembering

Yet as I come closer

I see it is smaller than a bogey

And as puzzlement turns to disbelief

I see it is a “kitty” after all

It sends me an untrustful glance

And keeps on mewing ever on.

As I ready my bang-stick

Switching settings to send the sound

To paralyze

Not to kill

The “Kitty” notices my weapons

for the first time

and changes

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