Drew (1)

“You don’t understand what your doing.” the frail old man said

“No I really do.” Drew whispered

“Do you?”

There was silence for a second followed by a nod.

Drew cocked his pistol, his weapon of choice.

He had put a laser sight on it because it striked fear in his victims.

Plus it was cool.

“We can make a deal!” he said urgently “How much are they paying you!”

A loud bang filled the air.

“Sniveling little weasel.” Drew muttered as he put his gun away

“I hate fools who try to pay me off. They act like it’s all about the money.” he muttered

“But it is all about the money.” A voice said from above him

“Who’s there!” Drew yelled as he quickly unholstered his gun and aimed it at the ceiling

Suddenly an arrow flew down from the ceiling into shoulder of Drew’s gun arm.

Drew winced and dropped the gun.

A cloaked figure dropped down from the ceiling onto him.

“Listen up, ok? If you don’t quit the crap you do in my city your going to either rot in jail.”

“Or rot in the ground.” Drew finished

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