Keen Sensation (6)

“Haha nice try!” Amanda said.

“C’mon, Come over here” Eric said, Grabbing her by the thighs, Back to sit on his lap.

“Ugh fine, but just because there are no seats” Amanda said, giving into his offer.

“Amanda, Get up, Mark is here. Get up!” One of Amanda’s friends yelled.

“Oh my God, How did he know we were gonna be here? I’m sorry, Eric I gotta go!” Amanda said, kissing Eric on the cheek.

“No, Amanda, Stay I’m not scared of your brother, I’m your boyfriend and I have every right to be hanging out with you” Eric said, getting up and leaving his seat empty for her to sit in.

“But . . .” Amanda begins but is cut off by the sound of Mark’s voice.

“Well Well Well, If it isn’t my baby sister at the Passage with this scumbag. Get up and go home RIGHT NOW , Amanda!” Mark screamed.

“No, She’s not going anywhere, and don’t talk to her like that.” Eric yelled.

Everyone around them was now staring and starting to yell “Fight..Fight” “I’m not fighting you” Eric said. “Well that makes one of us”

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