All In The Family (challenge)

My career was soaring. My perfect physique was plastered all over NewYork, London, Paris, and I had flown to many of these cities for shoots and shows.

As I completed my 3 hour weight training routine I considered my options. If I was to go further, I needed to leave this family business and get my own agent. My parents had milked my fame for long enough. My older brother managed my life, and he was my next stop. Then I would be free.

I caught him in his hotel suite, enjoying some wine. I sauntered over and poured him some more. I leaned over him in the chair, one hand on the glass, the other running over his pecs.
“Here, have some more. It feels good to relax before a big day.” I massage his shoulders. He moans softly and I feel him relax. He sips his wine.

“Did I ever tell you how much I adore you?” I smiled and looked deep into his eyes.
“You are just so .. masculine.” I breathed into his ear. He shivered. I took the wine glass and climbed on his lap. I grabbed his collar, pulling him into a kiss.

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