Road Trip

“Get ready, we’re going to church in an hour!” My mother yells from downstairs. I place the pillow over my head to try and drown out the sound the Christian music my dad already has playing. I don’t have a problem with God, oh no, what I’ve been told is that he has a problem with me.

I feel my phone vibrate on my nightstand and I answer it.

“Gabe!” My best friend, Kylie, yells into the phone.


“Guess what!” She says excitingly, “My parents got me a car!” she squeals. I get up from my bed, surprised by the big news. Then again, Kylie has always liked stuff.

“That’s awesome!” I say excited for her, “you should give me a ride. But not now, I gotta go to church.”

“Church? Gabe, you’re gay, is churching doing you any good?”

“I guess not,” I chuckle.

“Then get a ton of clothes and look out your window,” I’m confused for a second then walk to my window and look outside. I see Kylie at the bottom waving at me, motioning me to come down.

“Where are we going?”

“On a road trip!”

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