Keen Sensation (7)

Mark takes a punch, but Eric dodges it.

“Oh my God, Mark Stop it!” Amanda screamed
“Oh getting defensive over your little scumbag of a boyfriend?” Mark asked, with an evil look on his face.

“Leave him alone, I’ll leave! I’ll leave!” Amanda cried.

“No, No you Won’t” Eric yelled holding her back.

“C’mon, Let’s get out of here!” Mark said, pulling her by the arm.

“Ow ow ow” Amanda cried out.

“Stop, you’re hurting her!” Eric said, pushing Mark away from her.
Amanda moved so that she’s now behind Eric.

“I’m not going home with you!” Amanda screamed.

“Guys! break it up! The cops are here!” One of the other teenagers screamed. Mark ran out immediately.

“Thanks for ruining our night, Jerk!” People yelled at him as he ran out. Eric grabbed Amanda’s hand and together, they ran out.

“Simon’s still there, Amanda, he doesn’t know what happened. I saw him walk in as we were running out” One of Amanda’s friends whispered to her as they rested on an empty park bench.

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