Keen Sensation (9)

“I can explain, Eric. This is nothing. This means nothing.” Amanda said.

Almost immediately, Simon turned to her and asked “This means nothing to you? Well you know what? It means everything to me!”

“Oh so you admit it?” Eric says, throwing a punch at Simon

“Stop guys, PLEASE !” Amanda screams.

Amanda notices Eric reach for a glass bottle of beer that one of the kids had left there.

“No no no no no no Don’t Eric! Don’t!” Amanda pleads.

He breaks the bottle by hitting it against the wall, revealing sharp, knife-like structures.
He aims for Simon’s face but Amanda intervened by jumping in the middle before Eric had struck.
Siren sounds get closer and Eric runs away from where Amanda and Simon sat on the ground drenched in Amanda’s blood.

Simon had his hand underneath her head and was sitting on the ground, crying.

Soon, the police and the ambulence were there. There was blood everywhere and the only one that stayed long enough to take the blame was Simon. People start to gather around.

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