Drew (2)

Drew began to laugh. Actual tears came out of his eyes.

“So you think you can pop out from the ceiling bust me on my ass and tell me to change my ways?” Drew asked still laughing uncontrollably

I gritted his teeth. But began to realize it did sound kind of stupid. He shrugged it off though and flicked out his combat knife.

The laughter stopped.

“Kid, I wouldn’t do that.”

I just smiled and placed the knife over his lips quieting him.

I had regained control of the situation.

“Your a cocky bastard aren’t you?” I whispered tracing the knife around his face

“Damnit I can’t flip him off without losing an eye!” Drew thought

“You want to know how I feel about cocky bastard’s Drew?”I whispered as I traced the knife up to his eye

Drew was literally holding his breath now.

I slowy traced it down to his cheek and began to cut a thin jagged line.

Drew just winced. He was not going to beg.

“You want to know who I’m going to make rot in the ground he screamed!” he screamed

I smiled.

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