Two Questions Concerning the Wall

The Wall was built without gates for a reason. Nothing was meant to cross; no easy access to the inside, or outside. Naturally, Man’s obsession since discovering the Wall was finding out what lay beyond.

And thus, after blood, sweat and tears (with blood making up a large portion of the effort) , Man learned to create gates.

The question philosophers have asked for centuries between the discovery of the Wall and the creation of the gates: “Do we live on the inside or the outside of the Wall? Is it keeping us in, or out?” As it happens, this is not the question historians asked after the gates had been opened. Instead, they asked: “Could we possibly have known what lived beyond the wall? And if we had, would it have stopped us?”

Most agree that the answers don’t really matter. Not anymore. But for the sake of posterity, here they are: We lived in a precious garden, now ravaged by Those Beyond the Wall. Had we known… well, had we known, we would have been on the wrong side of the Wall.

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