Time's Fun When You're Having Flies

The plan was simple and elegant, Diana would jump back in time to a point just before Alex. One well placed wet kiss New Years Eve night and the carefully crafted nano machine virus would do the rest… make a full synaptic backup then lay in wait. The instant that Alex jumped into this body the virus would activate, restore the backup, then self terminate. The Alex from her timeline would be dead but, he chose this.

Past Alex would never know anything had happened except for some missing time, which he’d write off on alcohol and she’d be stuck in 2010. She would try to live her life the same as she’d done before. Of course there would be mistakes, minor ripples in time but… paradox avoided.

That was the plan, however, it seemed that Alex had different ideas.

An acrid smell burned her nose, flies buzzed overhead and warm mush covered her face. Diana had come to in her uncles barn, face down in horse shit… not her plan.

A single message filled her AR visual field -“Hi Bitch!”. God damn him!

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