Hit a wall

He’d hit a wall. He was surprised at the amount of detective work that could be done by an average person. Usually it was just a simple matter of the proper amount of money in the hands of the proper individuals.

But even with all that, he’d hit a wall. England. India. Now China. But he couldn’t go any further.

That was where they had come in. He’d hired them to…to what?

Oh no.

A terrible scream escaped his lips as the pain jerked him suddenly and cruelly back to reality. He could still hear the gun shot in his ears.

“Where?” he asked frantically.

“You need to lay down and shut up,” a voice commanded.

He looked in the direction of the voice but his eyes couldn’t focus through the agony. His chest was on fire. He feebly tried to lift his head. A growing red stain covered his chest.

That’s my blood.

His eyes found purchase, finally focusing on the rough brick walls around him.

“This isn’t a hospital!” He was on the verge of panic.

“A hospital wasn’t part of the plan,” the voice answered.

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