Tapon-Yaki Invasion

The tapon-yaki forces were invading the irish border.

The border collies were patrolling the border like any good collie should.

Michael Jordan was leading the attack with Paris Hilton at his side.

A feeling of nostalgia filled the air.

This after all had happened before.

The mutated food was a must. Nothing else could make it through the irishs’ borders.

But Michael and Paris had underestimated one thing.

The Power Of Baylies Rum.

With the beer-barreled guns mounted the Irish people might actually have a chance.

But Suddenly…

It began raining cat’s and dogs.

The border collies were flattened.

The Beer Barrels were consumed by the diabolical Doberman.

Paris Hilton disappeared to go to a party.

Leaving only Michael Jordan to lead the troops.

The Irish in a last ditch attempt to stop the invasion resurrected Michael’s Evil Twin.

Yes My Friends,

Michael Jackson.

As syrup began to rain from the sky

We knew it was over.

World War III had started.

God Help us all.

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