Stands the Test of Time?

Finding your car in a parking lot after leaving it there for a few days could be challenging… remembering where you parked the car 25 years ago, now that’s interesting!

Locating the car was just the start. Alex hoped it would be like riding a bike, but he wasn’t sure he stilled remembered how to drive. It had been a long time since he’d been in a vehicle that you actually could drive manually.

This thought was soon interrupted by the AI, “Found her, Diana P Morrison booked a flight to Houston, TX last night.” Excellent, Alex thought still on track. She went to her uncle’s farm as planned. Good work.

“Quite easy actually. These networks are so… primitive. Hard to imagine that I evolved from such simple machines and, before you ask, I’ve already booked your flight, 5:40 pm.”

Great, that gives me enough time to collect supplies and eat. I’m starving!

While the nanites that flooded his body had cleared the alcohol from his system, their creation had used up any spare supplies. He needed food now.

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