SuperHero Black Hole

I won’t give you my origin story. There’s no point dwelling in the past. Which is ironic, given my power.
Yes, you read that correctly. POWER. I’m what comicbook geeks would call a SUPERHERO. Only, unlike nine-panel Supermen and anime’ samurai, I’m just human. Albiet with an unprecedented power. And this power I have is tricky. What IS the power then, you may ask?
I can time travel. There. I said it.
But there are some things about it that aren’t what you’d expect. I’m no Stephen Hawking, but I’ve found out the limits of Time Travelling the hard way.
The Biggie in the limits of my power is this:
I can only travel BACKWARDS, not FORWARDS in time. The reason for this is that the Future is never certain. People’s decisions and therefore their actions change all the time. So trying to travel Forwards is like trying to walk into a tidal wave: nearly impossible.
But going Backwards is easy, cos the Past has already happened. It’s already been written. The ink has dried.
In other words: There’s no going back…

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