Time Wounds All Heals

Where the fuck was she? No, better yet, when the fuck was she? Diana was lost in time and ramifications were just sinking in. What had gone wrong? How had she ended up here? It was Alex of course. He’s smart, He planned for this. How could she not have seen this coming?

There must have been a virus hidden in the HALO system. When she linked in to perform the transfer, it activated and rerouted her here. But why?

This was definitely Uncle John’s farm and judging from her hands, horse shit aside, it looked like she was at least close to the time she intended to jump into. Why jump me here… why jump me at all? My personal firewall was down, he could have fried my brain, game over! What are you up to Alex?

Diana wasn’t going to find the answers standing in the barn, reeking of shit. She’d need to head to the house but apparently she’d twisted an ankle in the fall and it was going to take time to hobble home. Time to think and good to see John again, she thought, he’d been dead for 10 years.

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